About Me

Updated on 8th June 2017. Do check out the newly updated Balance Sheet! The previous one is such an eyesore!

Updated on 5th June 2017. Check out my recent updates on Partnership Account and added vertical format of Trading and Profit and Loss account (like finally)!

Year 2017: I am now a qualified Accountant! I have more free time now to update this blog. Be sure to keep visiting this blog often!

I am currently studying for a degree at my home country majoring in Accounting and Finance. During my free time, I teach (more like a tutor)  students Principles of Account (O level equivalent) and Accounting (A level equivalent). I never loved my experience during my learning time towards the teachers that taught us on Accounting. I just thought that, they could do better… And this is what I am doing, explaining things that I think the teachers wouldn’t point out and those information that the students are missing out!

Thanks to all the lovely readers for their comments. I hope my blog really helps you!

Also watch out for update from older posts, I could be editing some posts or updating them.

6 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. i just enjoyed it soooo much.Actually i hv a test tomorrow on accounting..nd i was so tensed…thnx 2 dis blog!!!!

  2. Your blog is amazing! Is there any way you could update and explain the costing side to the Cambridge AS Syllabus too?

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